What Defines K&G Petroleum?


K&G Petroleum is a Colorado-owned and operated convenience store chain currently managing over 32 locations across the state of Colorado. We serve a multitude of diverse people every day, and everyone is welcome. We love Colorado as much as you do. That's why our gas stations and stores are committed to going above and beyond to support the community's active lifestyle.


For over 20 years, we’ve done our utmost to bring convenience, quality and cleanliness to the neighborhoods we serve. We have relied on our amazing managers and customer service representatives at each store to achieve this goal by delivering the highest level of customer service every day. Our employees are all part of hard-working teams dedicated to making your experience in our stores exceptional. The relationships we form with our customers are what keep us coming to work every day. We are proud to be enriching the community by providing great service and job opportunities.

K&G Petroleum’s company family also includes Twin Star Energy, the financial sector of our organization. Twin Star Energy maintains ownership of all 54 sites in the state of Colorado. Together with Twin Star Energy, K&G Petroleum brings quality service, products, and jobs to the community.


We are proud to be two-time winner of the 7-Eleven Franchisee of the Year Award and are also the largest 7-Eleven franchisee in the United States. Jenny’s Market is our own brand and we are continually growing and changing to fit our customer’s needs. We look forward to continued growth and success with both 7-Eleven and Jenny’s throughout Colorado.